GDF Supports “Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees” Documentary

GDF announces that it will provide a grant to support development of the documentary film, “Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees.” The goal of the film is to shed light on what the creators refer to as an epidemic of undiagnosed illness in the U.S. and worldwide.

Many undiagnosed patients are likely afflicted with a rare genetic disease, and the challenges they face include not only lack of treatment but also uncertainty, frustration and isolation. The producers of “Undiagnosed” seek to create a distinct community focused on improving the lives of undiagnosed patients.

The film is being spearheaded by Katia Moritz, PhD, a clinical psychologist and neurobehavioral expert, who has been living with a mysterious health syndrome since 2010 and is now dedicated to raising awareness among health professionals, governments and the general public about the need for improved research and care for people with unidentified illness.

The movie will focus heavily on the role of genetic testing and sequencing and the importance of building information databases to improve disease diagnosis, therapy development and preventative interventions. Several personal stories will be highlighted and dozens of patients and health professionals nationwide are being interviewed.

Anticipated completion date for the film is late 2015. “Undiagnosed” will be submitted to film festivals and GDF will co-host a screening in New York. If you’re interested in learning more about the film, the people behind it, or how you can contribute, visit the website. The producers are still seeking to meet their funding goal to optimize quality and timing. GDF is excited to be part of this ground-breaking project and will provide updates as they become available.