Use of Funds

The GDF has raised millions of dollars to help enable advancements in identifying the genetic basis of many diseases. Funds have also contributed to enhancing carrier testing, fostering greater physician/public awareness of genetic disorders and endowing the Francis Crick Professorship of Human Genetics at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.


The Francis Crick Professorship of Human Genetics

The endowment of a Chair, the Genetic Disease Foundation – Francis Crick Professor of Human Genetics, enables the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to retain one of the world’s top researchers in genetic diseases. The Chair honors the esteemed Dr. Crick, who, together with Dr. James Watson, discovered the DNA double helix and then, independently, cracked the genetic code. These are two of the most remarkable and historic contributions made to the field of genetics.

Dr. Edward Schuchman was awarded the first GDF Francis Crick Professorship of Human Genetics in 2003. Learn more about Dr. Schuchman’s research focused on several rare genetic disorders.

Technology Acquisition

Funds raised by the Foundation have made possible the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment for Mount Sinai’s Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences. This technology helps expedite diagnosis and research for a range of genetic diseases. Some recent equipment purchases include:

  • Sequenom MassARRAY┬«┬áSystem
  • Illumina NextGen DNA Sequencer ($600,000)
  • Mass Spectrometer for Metabolite Analyses ($175,000)
  • 37000 DNA Sequencer ($350,000)
  • “Wave” Mutation Detection ($95,000)

See our Research page for a number of breakthroughs at Mount Sinai that the GDF has helped support.

Public Awareness

Know Your Genes

The GDF recently launched Know Your Genes, a public awareness campaign to help people understand the importance of genetic testing. The campaign includes the website, which provides a comprehensive introduction to genes and genetic testing.

One Test, Many Answers

To encourage dialogue with patients about pre-pregnancy and prenatal genetic carrier screening, the GDF developed office display posters which it is providing free of charge to doctors offices and medical centers.

The posters were mailed to more than 40,000 members of American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and members of the National Association of Genetic Counselors (NAGC).

Learn more about the One Test, Many Answers campaign.

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